Chia Seed Pudding

Ok, thought I’d share with my recipe nerd peeps & the many of you who I know like to prep ahead…..just came up with what I think is my favorite chia “pudding” recipe so far. I do not believe in long scrolling post about a recipe and I like it when others get straight to it. So check it out below, try it and let me know what you think in the comments.

Because I am using coconut cream, this one is much more firm than the typical recipes on the soupy-slimy side. If you like the gelatinous feel of hydrated chia then, you may want to go with coconut milk or another less thick liquid. I’ve even mixed in collagen powder & raw cacao colostrum & mineral whey instead of the cream. I say this to let you know it is okay to modify and play with the recipe. Make it your own.

It is very versatile and tweakable to your preferences but, I wanted to share the basic recipe I came up with & I analyzed the nutrition based on a 4oz. serving size.

This is a phenomenal healthy high fat meal for babe or a quick breakfast for anyone in the family. Great in the lunch boxes & a perfect total super food pre or post workout!

Let me know if ya’ll try it & if you do something different:

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